Recent Quizzes

Quiz #2: Area of complex shapes

These are more into practical questions in real life. We do not find shapes just in simple squares and circles. There are actually different types of shapes compiling basic shapes all in one. Take this quiz and enjoy the challenge

Quiz #5: Java conditions

The quiz presents a Java code that takes an input and prints an output based on some conditions. Take the quiz and test your understanding about conditional statements

Quiz #1: Geometry Basics

Test your basic knowledge about geometry. We all need some refreshment every now and then. You think you remember everything about geometry. You may be wrong ... Test your knowledge please.

Quiz #4: Java arrays

Array is an important structure in programming language and Java programming language no difference

Quiz #2: Java Acronyms

There are some important acronyms which java developers usually use to communicate with each other. It is a kind of a language now that hiring managers usually expects a java development to know. This quiz covers some of these common acronyms.

Quiz #1: Java History

Java is one of the most important languages in the history of programming languages. It has a profound impact on our life style starting from small-hand held devices to big TV screens. Take this quiz and test your knowledge.